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The kingdom of God is within you.—LUKE xvii. 21

June 27, 2013

Oh, take this heart that I would give
Forever to be all Thine own;
I to myself no more would live,—
Come, Lord, be Thou my King alone.


Herein is the work assigned to the individual soul, to have life in itself, to make our sphere, whatever it is, sufficient for a reign of God within ourselves, for a true and full reign of our Father’s abounding spirit,—thankful, unutterably thankful, if with the place and the companionship assigned to us we are permitted to build an earthly tabernacle of grace and goodness and holy love, a home like a temple; but, should this be denied us, resolved for our own souls that God shall reign there, for ourselves at least that we will not, by sin or disobedience or impious distrust, break with our own wills, our filial connection with our Father,—that whether joyful or sorrowing, struggling with the perplexity and foulness of circumstance, or in an atmosphere of peace, whether in dear fellowship or alone, our desire and prayer shall be that God may have in us a realm where His will is law, and where obedience and submission spring, not from calculating prudence or ungodly fear, but from communion of spirit, ever humble aspiration, and ever loving trust.


• Reading from DAILY STRENGTH FOR DAILY NEEDS by Mary W. Tileston
• Painting: ‘Bridge’ by Vladimir Paroshin


Daily Strength for Daily Needs

June 18, 2013

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. —MATT. vi. 28

They do not toil:
Content with their allotted task
They do but grow; they do not ask
A richer lot, a higher sphere,
But in their loveliness appear,
And grow, and smile, and do their best,
And unto God they leave the rest.


Interpose no barrier to His mighty life-giving power, working in you all the good pleasure of His will. Yield yourself up utterly to His sweet control. Put your growing into His hands as completely as you have put all your other affairs. Suffer Him to manage it as He will. Do not concern yourself about it, nor even think of it. Trust Him absolutely and always. Accept each moment’s dispensation as it comes to you from His dear hands, as being the needed sunshine or dew for that moment’s growth. Say a continual “yes” to your Father’s will. –H. W. SMITH

Thine own self-will and anxiety, thy hurry and labor, disturb thy peace, and prevent Me from working in thee. Look at the little flowers, in the serene summer days; they quietly open their petals, and the sun shines into them with his gentle influences. So will I do for thee, if thou wilt yield thyself to Me. –G. TERSTEEGEN

• Reading from: Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary W. Tileston

• Image: ‘Field of Flowers by the Mountains’ found here