A Rosary page worth saving

Many people lead very busy lives and can barely find the time to eat let alone read or sometimes even pray. But if you suddenly experience trouble in your life, my guess is that one of the first things you will do is call upon God and all the saints and angels for help. I think God uses our problems to draw us closer to himself. How much nicer it would be for us to initiate the contact first.

Sometimes praying the Rosary can seem a daunting task for busy people, but in my experience it is so effective in bringing you peace that you should never forget it. Our Lady is totally capable of performing miracles in your life. I have seen her do this time and again in my own.

Sometimes you may need some help in remembering all the prayers and the order of them. There is no shame in this. I use this page repeatedly:

How to Pray the Rosary

It is very clear and concise and the pictures of the Mysteries are lovely. I bring it up and save the whole page as an HTML file. Then I put a shortcut to it on my desktop so I can quickly find it. Once it is up, if I am connected to the internet, I can use the links on it to go to any section I need. If you do not always have the internet, you can save all the pages you need and keep them in a folder. The pages will come up when you click them whether you are online or not. You can also print them if you want to take them with you, although a little pamphlet you can buy at a religious goods store is much easier to carry.

I like to go over the Mysteries of the day so I know what I am doing. Then I might only pray a decade a time and then put it down. This way I can pray a whole Rosary of five decades throughout the day. It keeps me connected. Some people say that all it is is repetition, but this repetition is like meditation. It helps you even though you might not think it is doing so. It’s also a good way to give back to Our Lady the attention, love and care she gives us.

(Image taken from here)


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